1. Are Dominican Magic products only for Dominican hair? 

Dominicans have all types of hair. One may have straight long hair, while the other may have short kinky hair. Our products are formulated to accommodate a variety of different hair types.

2. What makes your product different?

Dominican Magic products are unique because they are inspired from the fruits, plants, and vegetables grown in the tropic terrains of the Dominican Republic. This Natural Professional Hair Care Line may be used by Non-professionals to achieve the professional quality and look desired. It is a treatment for natural, dry, damaged, color-treated, processed and falling out hair.

3. Are your products safe to use on chemically treated hair?

All of our products are made to be used for chemically treated hair. However,the Nourishing Line will work wonders for this type of hair. 

4. Do you provide training or educational classes on how to use your products? 

Yes, plus we have YouTube videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/jabao2010

5. What are your shipping rates?

Standard shipping is five dollars, however heavy goods ship at twenty dollars. International shipping is also twenty dollars.

6. Can I get this product in a store?

Dominican Magic products are available at several beauty supplies, hair salons, and pharmacies (local pharmacies, Duane Read, Walgreen's).

7. What products are best for hair growth or to prevent hair loss?

For hair loss prevention or hair growth, the Hair Follicle Anti- Aging Line is highly recommended. 

8. Can the Anti-Aging Smoothing Balm for everyday use?

Yes, the Anti-Aging Smoothing Balm may be used for everyday use.

9. Where are Dominican Magic products made?

Dominican Magic products are produced in New York, USA with ingredients from the tropic terrains of the Dominican Republic.

10. Do all your products help stop hair loss or is it just the Anti-Aging products?

Hair Loss is caused by chemical, mechanical, and aging processes. All of our products are made to circumvent the effects of these processes.

11. Is your product tested on animals?

 None of our products are tested on animals.

12. Are all products safe to use on color treated hair?

 All of our products are safe to use on color treated hair.

13. Which products provide heat protection?

Our Thermal Protector, Moisture Lock, and Ultra Straight Spray provide heat protection.

14. Are the No-Lye Relaxer and Ultra Straight Treatment Kit the same thing?

The No-Lye Relaxer and Ultra Straight Treatment Kit are not the same thing.

15. What makes Dominican Magic products an essential line for retailers to carry and for stylists to use?

Dominican Magic products are an essential line for retailers to carry and for stylists to use beacuse it is practical. It is a professional product that gives wonderful results, but it can also be use by non-professionals to achieve the same results.

16. How can Dominican Magic products protect my hair on an ongoing basis?

For Dominican Magic products to protect one's hair on an ongoing basis one should be consistent with one's hair care routine. If you use a styling tool be sure to use our Thermal Protector. 

17. Should I vary the length of time I keep the conditioner in my hair?

The conditioner should be kept in the hair for five to fifteen minutes. For better results, put a shower cap on and place your head under a hair dryer for the duration recommended.

18. Do your products help protect the hair from the sun?

Our FRS Nourishing Spray provides UVA protection.

19. What products should I use for dry or damaged hair?

For dry or damaged hair, the Revitalizing Hair Mask and Deep Fortifying Conditioner should be used. The hair mask provides intense moisture to dried out strands due to color treatment and frequent use of hair dryers, while the conditioner hydrates and repairs natural dry damaged, processed and color treated hair.

20. Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, we ship internationally.

21. My hair is dry and brittle... how can I stop breakage?

If your hair is dry and brittle you can stop breaking breakage by using a moisture intensive product, like our Revitalizing Hair Mask and Nourishing Line.

22. How often should I use treatment in my hair?

The deep conditioner treatment may be used every  day in your hair, but it should be used at least once a week.