Quinotox Smoothing System.

Dominican Magic Quinotox Smoothing Cream
Dominican Magic Quinotox Smoothing Cream $120.00
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Dominican Magic Founder

April 23, 2017

Gregorio Antonio Luciano, President   Sancocho is a hearty Dominican stew made from a variety of meats and vegetables and is a cherished national dish.  Gregorio Luciano says, “Everybody knows the ingredients for Sancocho, yet what makes each family’s version unique is the way they prepare the recipe.  It is the same for our haircare.”  Luciano has taken natural ingredients indigenous to his native Dominican Republic and created a unique haircare formulation that works for a diversity of hair textures. The haircare line provides an effective treatment for dry, damaged, haircolor-treated, processed and thinning hair.   Luciano came to the United States in 1983, running track in high school and attending the University of Albany. He has a Bachelor’s Degree...

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