Jojoba Oil: A Miracle Worker

Haven't you been wondering what the recent hair care rave is about? Well we've got the answer for you! Jojoba oil became widely used in the last decades of the twentieth century, when sperm whale oil was deemed illegal. We should thank this action for the wonderful hair care products that have come about since then. Jojoba oil is great for greasy hair, hair loss, and dry and damaged hair. This oil works by regulating the sebum at the scalp to reduce the greasiness. Interestingly, it's also is a miracle worker when it comes to dry scalp because it provides non-water based  moisture, balancing the pH of the scalp. The moisture is then sealed. Hair loss in many cases is caused by the blockage of pores. Jojoba oil has properties that make it able to break through these pore cloggers, such as sebum. It can also stimulate hair growth with the production of new cells and the improvement of the micro-circulation in the scalp. Jojoba Oil is a superlative in hair care and that's why you should try the Deep Fortifying conditioner!

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