Recently, the use of Silicon based oils has been discouraged in the line of hair care. When applied, the oil only covers the coating of hair strands, not effectively reaching the scalp and providing the nutrients needed for proper maintenance. In addition, the coating of the hair may emit a temporary luster, fostering a false sense of vitality. Most silicon oils are not water soluble, thus unable to dissolve in water. With the oil acting as a “water barrier,” hair may become dry and lifeless, even susceptible to breakage. Those with curly hair are strongly averted from using silicon oil. Due to the structure of the coils, the silicon’s slippery texture cannot attach onto each coil.

With these properties, it may seem as if there are no lasting benefits to this product. However, there may be more to this lubricating oil that meets the eye-and the mirror. For one, silicon based products such as avocado oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil work in conjunction with natural oils produced by the scalp. The silicon’s protective coating over the hair reduces the surface area of the natural oils and functions as a conduit for the oils to penetrate the hair shaft and scalp cell membrane. Another significant benefit of this ingredient is its aptitude for strong thermal protection. Thus, silicon based products may withstand the heat of accessories such as blow-dryers and curling irons. Some silicon oil products are also water soluble. Like all hair care products, there is a time period in which the silicon is suitable to stay within a head of hair. Since water soluble silicon oil dissolves in water quickly, there are no constraints in cleansing the scalp after the oil has served its purpose. Using a decent clarifying shampoo once a month will help to maximize the strength of hair, giving one the beauty and strength to tackle the day.

Now that both the negative and positive aspects of this lubricant have been discussed, common questions that may arise are, “How may I recognize a silicon oil based product?” “Where can I find silicon oil that will offer meaningful results to my hair?” The answer is in the “co”. Most silicon oil products are composed of chemicals containing “conol” and “col” in their names. Dimenthiconol, Cyclotetrasiloxane and Cyclopentasiloxane are three commonly used chemicals in silicon oil products. Dimenthiconol is used in hair care products, lotions and bath soap. It is particularly useful in protecting the skin, the body’s largest organ, and preserving the body’s natural water. Cyclotetrasiloxane and Cyclopentasiloxane are chemicals typically found in hair spray and conditioners. Not only do these chemicals add moisture to dry and damaged hair, but their thick layers protect the skin from harmful particles and substances in the environment. In addition, the lubricating properties of the two chemicals create a “wet” or silky feeling to hair.

Our product line contains several of these silicon based chemicals essential in providing a strong and healthy hair strands. Our Revitalizing hair mask, rich in Rosemary and Aloe Vera extracts, moisturizes and restores severely damaged hair. Our Moisture Lock Conditioner and thermal protector hair spray provides softness and luster to the hair while protecting hair from the harmful heat generated by different cosmetic appliances.      

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