The Ethnic Hair Care Market's Biggest Secret

         With constant advancements in the field of health care, annual competitive reports must be done in order to view our competition and to ensure that we maintain a creative and innovative edge. In our recent report an interesting observation was made. It would be reasonable to believe that one who would market to an African American-based audience would most likely be African American owned however, what we found was that many large companies well known in the African American communities were in fact not African American owned. Some were not owned by minorities at all but by International conglomerate corporations such as L’Oreal.       

      In a survey conducted online, 80% of black women reported using ethnic personal care products over regular mainstream products produced for all types of hair. This being said, many of these same women also expected many of these products to be African American owned due to the fact that they were tailored towards African Americans. Companies that came as a great shock were Affirm, Dark and Lovely, Cantu Shea, Dr. Miracles, African Pride, African Best, Crème of Nature, Mizani, Murray's Hair Pomade, Infusium 23, and DevaCurl just to name a few (if interested in finding all 50 you can visit our facebook page for the link). Companies such as Mizani, Dr. Miracles, and Murray’s Hair Pomade are actually white owned. This is shocking considering these brands are leaders in the hair product market for many African American communities. Many women fall into the trap of purchasing these products thinking that they were tailored for them by people who understand the texture and also to support black entrepreneurs however it is not always the case. Thus, when purchasing products that are tailored towards African Americans be weary of leaning towards a products just because you believe you are supporting an African American business because it may not always be true. 

     One of the benefits of Dominican Magic is that it is Dominican owned. The beauty in the natives of the island is the diversity of skin tones, hair textures, and overall people. Hair textures vary from straight hair to coarse curly hair. Due to our African, European, and Indigenous ancestry the passed on secrets from our ancestors who have dealt with the variety of textures have helped us provide products that can truly be used for all types of hair making us the experts in the market right now. When we say Dominican Magic Es Para Ti (is for you), we truly mean it because we understand the hair. It is our culture and blood.



  • Sellllllyyyyyyyyy said:

    Doesn’t Ollie Johnson own Dr miracles? He’s a black man. Don’t know about the other two you mention as to who owns them these days, but the Dr miracle is already false so makes me think it’s possible other things could be false.
    That being said, the Dr miracle products were terrible on my hair. I had so much shedding, more than I’d ever seen in my life or thought was even possible from just 1 detangling session

    février 17, 2023

  • Linda Walker1 said:

    Thank you I just purchased with the missed understanding

    février 09, 2023

  • Monica Pickett-Pittman said:

    I’m interested in supporting Black-owned hair care products for my Black- Woman owned business.

    janvier 12, 2023

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