“I am not Dominican, so why should I use products from Dominican Magic?” This question may be deemed as plausible for people of non-Dominican descent. It would be reasonable to assume that products titled with the name of a specific country should pertain solely to people of that country. However, it is never best to assume. The Dominican Republic is home to various ethnic groups. Mixed race Dominicans account for approximately 73 percent of the total population while European Caucasians and those of African descent account for 16 percent and 11 percent of the population respectively. Thus, the genetic difference between these ethnic groups reflects in their difference in hair texture. Among Caucasian Dominicans, straightened and refined hair is dominant. Those who are mixed race and are of African descent tend to have loose or thick curls. With a strong ethnic diversity in the Dominican Republic, our products are not only beneficial to “Dominicans” but to people of every race and background. In the last ten years, 60 percent of our customer base had curly and wavy hair, 30 percent have thick coils and 10 percent have straight hair.  As our product line continues to grow, our goal is to ensure that everyone has a place within the world of Dominican Magic, despite explicit differences in hair texture.
“I am not Dominican but i loveee the Nourshing Natural Treatment i tryed it for the first time last week.”
-Dominican Magic Customer

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