Dominican Magic has been Coconut Crazy for Generations

Dulce de coco, pescado con coco, y arroz con coco, (coconut sweets, coconut fish and coconut rice) are all parts of Dominican cuisine. In Dominican Republic coconuts are a big part of the culture and its uses are limitless. The coconuts oils, water, and meat have flowed through the bodies of natives for centuries and have restored the moisture, shine, and vigor in not only hair but also skin and overall wellbeing. After years of our ancestors passing down their knowledge on the benefits and uses of coconuts we now present to you the magic behind coconuts in our products. Its purpose is to do the same coconuts have done for us since the beginning when our oldest ancestors were alive. It’s natural source of healthy fatty acids, lauric and capric acid have been shown to contain anti-microbian properities that nourish and enhance the strength and shine of hair strands working the same for skin. Its juice and meat are nutritious and work from the inside to make you beautiful. The importance to our culture is endless but that is for us to share with you. Made from us for us! 


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