With its growing billion dollar market, the weave industry has been deeply woven into the culture and identity of many African women around the world. Annual sales in the United States are estimated at $ 9 billion. At its lowest rate, hair extensions amount to a whopping $ 300!  These exorbitant prices may seem to be unreasonable to many. However, this is not the case for African women. To them, added hair serves not only as a confidence booster, but a way of illuminating their inner and outer beauty. 

   The fact that people of African descent tend to have shorter, thicker and coiler hair is not a new occurrence.  Thus, it would be fair for African women to add additional hair to their own to make up for their natural hair length. The act of properly maintaining synthetic hair as well as one’s own natural hair is no easy task. Women with afro textured hair must stay persistent in performing their own personal maintenance of shampooing, conditioning and drying their hair as well as seeking additional assistance at hair salons for adding extensions and removing them when need be. As one may imagine, this process can be very timely and costly. 

   So why do they do it? Why do most African females willingly endure the process of adding and replacing weaves? For one, adding weave is convenient. Little alteration towards hair is needed when weave is in place. Most importantly, adding and removing weave give African women the option of picking and choosing an array of hair styles that best suite them. Usually, those who are content with their sporting their natural hair do not possess the luxury of fixing their hair in any style they choose. Quite frankly, a person’s hair may grow in a specific way that would not be suitable for certain hair styles.   

Although it may seem to be a futile investment to those who embrace their natural hair, weave is an essential commodity with the community of African women. It affords them the opportunity of both convenience and leisure.  It also instills within them a sense of self-confidence. So to all women, weave is definitely the way to go! 

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