Aloe Vera the Plant of Immortality





Did you know that the Egyptians called Aloe Vera the "Plant of Immortality"? Even though it would be cool it’s obviously not because it makes you immortal, its multiple uses almost make it seem like it’s an immortal plant. It was also said that the two Egyptian Queens, Nefertiti and Cleopatra used Aloe Vera as part of their beauty treatments. People use it for all types of different things, like to treat burns, moisturize skin, help treat Psoriasis, prevent scarring, help reduce dandruff, promote hair growth and many more. The plant's 75+ nutrients make it beneficial to the whole human body. Let’s talk hair, not only does the Aloe Vera promote hair growth it also helps the hair retain water and moisture. If rubbed into the scalp it helps alleviate redness and itchiness, while also strengthening and conditioning the hair shaft. Luckily for you, Dominican Magic uses Aloe Vera in a great portion of its products especially in the Defining Hair Gel and the Revitalizing Hair Mask. The Defining Hair Gel is great for the summertime. How many people really want to sit in a salon or under a dryer every week during the hot and humid summer? Yea, not many. The Defining Hair Gel is an easy go to product that can be used to style your hair or just curl it. It naturally nourishes and hydrates the hair without making it hard or flaky. What better way to rock your "immortal" curls than by using Dominican Magic's Defining Hair Gel?

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